PLC programming, from scratch or modification and correction.

HMI configuration.IMG_0769

Instrument setup.

Commissioning of automated process plant.

Loop tuning

Fault diagnosis

IMG_0692Bromiley Automation has spent the last 23 years programming many different types of PLC and HMI/SCADA systems. We have experience with Allen Bradley, Siemens, Selectron, CITECT, Wonderware, PanelView and many others. We have worked in diverse areas such as pasteurisers, spray dryers, evaporators, essence recovery units, ice cream plants, bakeries, coal fired boilers, diesel locomotives, stamp franking, mineral mining, conveying and many others. Loop tuning and process control solutions are our forte. We also have many years experience with all kinds of instrumentation.

IMG_0079If we can be of any assistance to you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us. No job is too small.

If you are an electrical contractor with a PLC to program or an engineering manager with a control problem to solve – Call us.